The 2D bar codes

Tagdevin offers a simple and innovative solution based on the new 2D bar codes technology coupled up with the emergence of the new generation mobile phones called smartphones.


The main feature of the 2D bar codes such as FlashCode or QR-Code is that they can be read and interpreted thanks to these smartphones.

No need of specific and expensive reader. Just a flash of the 2D code via the intern camera of the cell phone allows the user to access the encoded content. The technology becomes accessible to everyone.

Tagdevin adopted the QR-Code (Quick Response) for its user-friendliness and its portability on a worldwide scale. This type of 2D code was created in 1994 by the Japanese firm Denso-Wave. It enables to store until 7,089 digital characters or 4,296 alphanumeric characters, the only constraint is the requirement of the minimum size of printing: 2cm*2cm.


Smartphone is an all-in-one device which is used for its functions of telecommunication and inboard computing: phone, SMS, multiple connection (3.5G, Wifi, Bluetooth), Personal Data Management (Contacts, Calendar, Task Manager), Internet & Email Manager, Multimedia (Photo, Music, Video), GPS.


Today, a smartphone reaches levels of use and connection close to those exercised on a personal computer.

The future of the smartphones market is bright, as proved in the following figures :

[1] Smartphones' sales in France increased 146 % in March 2009 ;
[2] In November 2009, there were 3.5 million smarphones users in France, among which 1.6 million iPhones ;
[3] Today, smartphones represent 15 % of the devices bought by French people.



How Does It Work?

Take a QR-Code reader.

To download a reader compatible with your smartphone FOR FREE, log in directly from your phone to or to or send TAG by SMS at 30130 (only available in France, no overtaxed). If this reader does not work, click here to find a reader compatible with your mobile phone.

FLASH the 2D code.

Once the code is interpreted by the reader, you are automatically logged into the mobile website.



Consult free and with unlimited access the interactive multimedia content linked with the flashed bottle of wine.

Practice with the following codes...


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